Since 1983 Northfield Community LDC has helped thousands of Staten Island residents make their
homes and apartments safer and more energy efficient through our New York State Sponsored
Weatherization Assistance Program.

Weather2Home energy efficiency prevents wasted energy and wasted dollars—less leakage of
warm air and entry of cold air will lead to lower fuel and utility costs. Increased energy efficiency
enables homeowners and tenants to maintain comfort without compromising health and safety.

Northfield’s weatherization program is administered by the U.S. Department of Energy through the
New York State government with supplemental funding from the Low Income Home Energy
Assistance Program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and private monies.

What services does weatherization provide?

Northfield Community LDC’s Weatherization Assistance Program offers a broad range of services to
Staten Island Residents. Our staff conducts energy audits and compiles data on energy use in single
family homes and multi-family buildings.

Our Weatherization department can:
• Detect and correct dangerous levels of carbon monoxide
• Upgrade or replace heating and distribution systems
• Insulate attics and walls
• Seal open by-passes and chasers
• Conserve domestic water use
• Repair or replace non-energy efficient windows and doors
• Install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

What are the benefits of weatherization?

Weatherization creates both immediate and long term financial, health and safety benefits,
• Ensuring healthy, safe, and comfortable dwellings
• Retaining affordable housing for senior citizens and income eligible families
• Promoting energy efficiency and associated cost savings
• Developing new building improvement methods
• Improving housing stock
• Stimulating economic development and employment

For more information, please contact:

Brianne Oetting
Phone: (718) 442-7351 ext. 271